Everything you need to know about the 2016 Saturn-Neptune square

It seems impossible to say anything of worth about the attacks in Paris, but not for lack of sentiment. This speechlessness comes in reaction to overwhelm at the destruction of the event; to the deluge of language, of images, videos, and endless social posts surrounding them; and to the gaping unknown of potential consequences and shifts that may soon develop as a result. And so it is that I move toward something that can serve as a tether, both for myself and anyone looking, capable of providing some semblance of solid ground in the midst of the melee.

This reaction, in which I am sure I am not alone, is the upcoming Saturn-Neptune square in action.

See, Saturn in Sagittarius doesn't want for facts — it wants for wisdom. We don't need to know any more of the gritty, gory details, see one more virtual map of where so many lost their loves, or watch any more videos of yet another false alarm sending hundreds stampeding from memorials in complete, soul-obliterating terror.

We don't need any more proof points: we want to know what it means. We want to know the why — the deeper why, the one underlying the answers we're overwhelmed by. The true questions we hold now are the ones that lie at the level of spirit. Of humanity. Of terrible awe and wonder.

We need to talk about the Saturn-Neptune square, exact in just 10 short days, because in so many ways, it's already here. A metaphor we could use to describe this is a kind of reverse erosion: our thoughts, ideas, conceptions, borders and concrete reality are being worn away by the fact of our lives and lived experience. Through the ongoing migrant crisis, we see the boundaries delineating national lines (Saturn) growing more and more porous (Neptune). In the Paris attacks, we see our sense of separateness and the safety (Saturn) destroyed by a fluid yet invisible and now seemingly everywhere (Neptune) aggressor. 

Of course, this transit also manifests on a personal level. What is dissolving for you at this time? what, if anything, is taking its place? 

Stay as soft with this energy as possible. Be gentle with yourself. but please, do the work necessary to recognize how many of those surrounding you may be losing ground on battlefields of their own. Find spaciousness in your heart to offer safety. To give asylum. To the extent that we open ourselves to hold space for the pain of others, we will find the same for ourselves in turn.