There's so much confusion about Mercury retrograde out there — and there's nothing I want to do more than put a stop to all the bummer rhetoric that explodes every year during Mercury retrograde phases.

See, it isn't true that three to four times a year, the universe sets out to make our lives any more miserable than usual during Mercury retrograde phases.

Our iPhones screens don't shatter with any more frequency. (Really, they don't.)

Our flights don't get delayed any more than usual.

So what is different?

Check this out: Mercury rules consciousness. Our everyday awareness of the world. It rules our functions of thinking and perceiving our experiences.

When Mercury turns retrograde, that function turns inward: instead of reflecting on the outside world, we reflect internally and become more aware of our thoughts. Our internal consciousness. Our internal awareness. And our internal patterns of thinking and perceiving.

I don't know about you, but if I'm really being honest? Some of my habitual thought-loops and subconscious patterns of perception are not always all that generous. They're not always kind.

And having access to my thoughts and perceptions moment-by-moment as they happen is distracting as all get out.

Which is why Mercury retrograde messes with us so much. It isn't because Mercury throws a wrench in all our best-laid plans — though of course, sometimes it feels that way. It's because we become so distracted by our own thoughts and processes that eventually something gets missed, or lost, or dropped, or mis-fired. And what's more, with our sensitivity heightened, we're apt to take any external challenges we meet extraordinarily personally.

Being social creatures, we turn to our online communities and unleash a diatribe of complaints, blame, and other psychological detritus. We squirm out of sitting with that subconscious material — and get to share our frustration with other victims of Mercury retrograde misfortune, people who get it, who can empathize. We get to absolve our responsibility for our circumstances, find community, feel vindicated.

Yet the material we have been asked to engage with, through the circumstances and events that have arisen in our lives, stays largely untouched — and becomes dead-weight stifling our future progress.

But what if there was a different way? I mean, what if we're missing something about this deep-dive into our subconscious that might actually work in our favor? What if we could learn to live the process instead of fighting it, and use retrograde phases to focus on an area of our lives that needs a little more balance, a little more flow?

These are the essential questions that inspired me to create The Retrograde Project.

I believe Mercury retrograde doesn't have to be such a mind-fuck. It doesn't have to be a kind of cosmic wrecking ball that hits three to four times a year.

We are not victims of our circumstances — but we must decide to choose freedom. To choose transformation, discovery, to become an active participant in our lives, rather than accept the status quo.

We can choose to thrive, rather than survive. We can use retrograde periods to create radical transformation, growth and evolution.

It's about empowering ourselves to live in the present moment. To put faith in ourselves, in the cosmos, when it's so easy acquiesce to expectation.

We're all so very capable of this kind of deep engagement with our lives. Of crafting the future we desire most. All we have to do? Make the choice to say yes. To affirm our own experiences. And stay open to find out what comes next.

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