The solar eclipse in Virgo is exact at 2:05am on Thursday, opening a brand new chapter in our lives in the area Virgo rules in our chart. If you know your sun sign, you can find out what this mean for you: download The Moon Guides for the eclipse to learn everything there is to know! You'll also find the full run down on just how an eclipse works and what effects to expect.



We can't have the dream without feeling dissatisfied at the fact that it isn't real: the only way we can live the dream is by pursuing it, by taking action — whether small or large — in the direction of what we want most. When we shift our perspective, when we truly understand that we're never going to get there unless we put in the work, the action becomes the point in itself. The act — and the progress it promises — becomes the source of our joy. If what we do is fully aligned with what we want, there's no information lost in the transmission: we work with dedication, focus, and most importantly: service.


We have the support we need to make critical shifts that will enable us to take more responsibility for what we do with our time and energy. A square from Saturn and Mars provokes us to take action to resolve the tension of the square aspect. An opposition to Neptune aligned the South Node reminds us that escaping reality doesn't come without a cost, and asks us to get realistic about and take responsibility for our dreams.

Virgo thrives with a plan of action. Knowing what steps to take and when calms Virgo's characteristic anxiety and allows us to proceed with clear eyes.

In Virgo, we must make adjustments, small improvements, quick fixes — it's a mutable sign, after all, and mirrors the transitory nature of the changing seasons during late August to early September. With a solar eclipse occurring in this territory, those adjustments may be larger or more unexpected than we anticipated.

All the same, the resolution here is not to respond to any resulting chaos in equal measure; the resolution is to create order.


Creating order is a creative act, a form in and of itself — and it's a pragmatic, intelligent response whenever life hits the skids. Our habits and patterns are more than the sum of their parts; the structure they contribute to our days buoys us, keeps us afloat. How do you feel when you wake up late for work for the third day running, without time to get ready the way you usually do in the morning? Insecure, a little lost somehow, a little less in control? This is the power of our habits. This is the power of ritual. This is the power of everyday magic. 

It's also how we bring change to the material reality of our circumstances: through small, practical, consistent, upwardly-focused and intentional steps. In truth, no real divide exists between the spiritual and the mundane. The only difference is perspective — which brings us to Saturn.

The solar eclipse makes a square aspect to Saturn, provoking us to examine our perspective and make sure our aim is true. How can you stay grounded in the realm of the real without ever taking your eyes off of where you're going? That's a lesson all of us are learning collectively though the cycle of Saturn-Neptune squares occuring all throughout 2016 (and culminating in a final aspect on September 10th).


Mercury retrograde in Virgo is giving us the space to recognize where we've tripped up and failed to align our actions with our who we desire to be in the world. It asks us to find that midpoint where serving the other is, at the same time, serving ourselves, and to find daily work that allows us to enter that deep state of flow and belonging. It's about finding joy in the now. To get there, we're tracing back over the small, everyday moments and minutes that structure our lives. 

Stay practical with this energy. Avoid trying to take shortcuts, or cheat the system. Just get clear on what you want; settle in; and do the work to define the steps that you need to take to get you there. It's about creating support for your dreams through small, disciplined structures like habits and routines that will transport you during this time. 

Focus on what's useful — and find practical ways of bringing your heart into the world.

The Retrograde Project can help you create a container for this energy over the next three weeks: I hope you'll join us this cycle! Head on over to read more and enroll now.