The real test of the Scorpio Full Moon isn’t the fact that it will illuminate those places we typically prefer to keep hidden — that’s a given. The real test will come with what we do, how we handle ourselves, in response to our exposure to the  deeper psychic motivations coming to the surface.

The Moon Guides for the Scorpio Full Moon are live for each of the twelve signs, detailing an enhanced Full Moon ritual and each sign can most effectively focus their efforts. A full breakdown of the Scorpio Full Moon is below!

 SCORPIO FULL MOON: THE ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS | The Scorpio Full Moon is here and contains powerful fuel for conscious transformation. Click through for a full rundown of this potent lunation, and discover how your sign can take maximum advantage!



The Scorpio Full Moon is exact on May 10 at 2:42pm Pacific Scorpio has a propensity for deep feeling and intensity: it's a sign and an energy that craves access to know the deeper motivations and hidden psychological impulses behind everything. No matter which way you slice it, this lunation can be triggering of your innermost psychological material — but the closer we can come to using what arises to investigate our own habits, patterns and behaviors instead of lashing out, the closer we come to true transformation and growth.

That's because, simply put, everything that arises at this moment is exceedingly ripe for transformation. 

Scorpio's greatest work is to remind us of the fallacy of death and loss: energy cannot disappear, it can only be transformed. 

The Essential QuestionS

The Scorpio Full Moon asks us this: can we value our lives enough to surrender our shame over our secrets, the dark obsessions, emotions, stories, or experiences we fearfully hide away from view? And can we bear to work through all the unpleasant emotions that arise with enough patience and self-love that we're able, finally, to release them?

That answer, for you, might be no until you ask yourself: who would we be without them?

Here's the thing about the secrets we're ashamed of: shame evaporates when it meets the light. The way forward is through revelation, through exorcism, through surrender— let go of your secrets, and you may very well find that the energy you were using to keep something hidden is just the energy you need to transform it into something that supports who you're becoming.

Why do we cling to things we know deep down are neither fueling our growth nor nourishing our inner selves? Ask yourself how much of your past you can afford to release— and know that the real question is how much can you afford not to. 

 It takes courage to let ourselves be both honest and gentle, and accept every inch of what we see. That’s typically the labor we demand of those most intimate with us: the affirmation that we are enough. 

But this Scorpio Full Moon, I want to challenge you, whether you’re single or in a relationship, to take responsibility for your own self-acceptance first. Be honest with yourself. Decide, despite everything, in spite of all evidence of darkness, to love yourself without reservation. Then take yourself out into that broad and beautiful daylight of community, of relationships, of the other, and tell your story — but only when your own self-worth is no longer at stake.


  • The Full Moon in Scorpio may dredge up psychological shadow material in its least eloquent and attractive form — don't ignore it. Acknowledge it. Then work to formally release it. Look to The Moon Guides for more info on how.
  • There’s a shift underway now that you may not yet be seeing the light of. Do your best not to cling to emotionally volatile views of reality despite the tenor of emotion that may arise.
  • Whatever is haunting you, please don’t be afraid, and know that you're almost there. If we’re to harness the true power we’re capable of to create what we desire in our lives, we cannot afford to leave anything out. We must include everything: the embarrassments and compulsions, the negativity and malice. If we are going to create anything of value in our lives, we cannot side-step the truth. we must, at the very least, be brave enough to acknowledge their presence — even if only to ourselves — before we can finally step out of our own way.