photo of Robert Smithson's Spiral Jetty by Jeffrey Kosky

photo of Robert Smithson's Spiral Jetty by Jeffrey Kosky

libra sun sparred with pluto this morning, sparking deeply entrenched shadow material and triggering some of our most compulsive, defensive, obsessive, paranoid and unconscious behavior. (sounds like a barrel of laughs, right?)

think of pluto in this scenario like a rubber band pulled super taut: so long as everything and everyone moves along according to your tightly-controlled plan, that band stays undisturbed. until it gets triggered.

the trick with this transit is that it isn’t about the trigger. I’ll repeat that once more because it’s tough to get through the emotional shit-storm that pluto can whip up: THIS ISN’T. ABOUT. THE TRIGGER.

this transit is meant to provoke you into doing the inner work of resolving why you (yes, you) wound that rubber band so tightly in the first place. what are you trying to prevent through controlling what you can’t, in the end, control? 

this is about poking holes in the illusions of your dictatorship. it’s also, if you look deeply enough, a reminder that we are not separate – and, in the end, when you’ve done the work required, what a gift that truly is.

like seemingly everything else this month, the sun/pluto square is an invitation to release. which is to say, to choose love. 

so here’s the way out: find that place of tension within you and look beyond the trigger you think is the root cause. find that inflexible place you think you cannot surrender. 

then choose love. then surrender.