The Taurus New Moon is exact at 12:39pm PDT on Friday, May 6th, providing an opportunity to renew our commitment to our values and nurturing the physical form. How do we create the potential for thriving in the material realm? How do we get in the way of ourselves and what we need? This is once again a high-powered Super Moon, and loaded with harmonious and positive potential. Download The Moon Guides to find out how your sign can most effectively focus your efforts! Read on for seven ways to work with tomorrow's powerful energy.

  The Taurus New Moon is exact at 12:39pm PDT on Friday, May 6th, providing an opportunity to renew our commitment to our values and nurturing the physical form. Click through for  seven ways to work with tomorrow's powerful energy, and download  The Moon Guides for the Taurus New Moon   and find out how your sign can most effectively focus your efforts!

Taurus New Moon Essential Practices


Pleasure is more than a dispensable frivolity: it's essential to our experience on the planet. By your very nature, your very existence, you are worthy of delight. Of deep joy. Of peace. But it's up to you to value yourself first and decide what you deserve.

Where in your life could you use a little more sweetness, more nourishment, more flow? Take time to rest. Re-generate. Renew. 


The deeper invitation of this New Moon: drop into the experience of being in the body. Pay attention to sensory input from your body — even minor things like a tender ankle, dry skin, slight chill — and work to heal what's out of balance. 

This is about body-awareness. About attuning to our inner voices rather than allowing the outside world to dictate our experiences and decide the narrative. Our lives are ours to interpret and give meaning to — but we can't do that successfully unless we can come from a place of deep self-love and compassion. 

In other words, work to heal any separation from self you perceive. 


We must be capable of standing alone before we can stand with others. This is about the things we need before we can offer ourselves to our work, our communities, our families, our social circles. The focus now is on the needs of the physical, our own physical bodies, to create inner harmony first so we can come from a place of authentic integrity and harmony.

Be disciplined and diligent about what aligns with your values and what no longer fits. When we're mis-aligned with the present — through resentment, anger, and unvoiced emotion — we create the potential for challenges arising on the physical level. The physical, mental and emotional planes are not separate. Our negative thoughts and emotions, voiced or not, take a toll on the vehicle of the body.

Refuse to bind yourself through your silence. Speak up.


You deserve what goodness arrives at your doorstep not because you are special but because you are here. You exist. And that deserving is irrevocable.


There's a brilliant and powerful trine foregrounded in this lunation between the Sun and Moon in Taurus, Pluto in Capricorn, and Jupiter in Virgo. This is deeply supportive and deeply harmonious energy. Despite the challenges presented by five retrograde planets, this is a signal that manifestation and deep reformation of our lives is still possible, even on the densest level. When we serve the collective with a true spirit, we reap rewards both material and personal. 

Set your sights on bringing abundance into your life through service that benefits the collective.


The old paradigms of security is dissolving — the one based on authoritative structures and disempowering paradigms — and being replaced by our own internal systems of navigation. Trust your instincts. Trust your senses. Trust your intuition. Let yourself be guided by your own inner wisdom and knowing. 

Don't rely on what you're told is necessary to support your being in the world. Focus first on what you want — then decide, from a pragmatic and practical vantage, what needs to be done and what you're willing to do to attain it.


Set the intention to bring balance to your life by devoting yourself to the exquisiteness of the present — no matter what it looks like in the now. 

The New Moon in Taurus is powerfully feminine yin energy. Use the New Moon to care for your body, your home, and nurture your connection to the earth.