The Full Moon in Taurus is exact at 5:53am Pacific on Monday, bringing with it a powerful opportunity to re-focus ourselves on our deepest values. Full Moons are always times of crisis and culmination, and with the Moon at its closest point to Earth in 68 years, the energy evoked now is intensely potent. As always, The Moon Guides are live with insight into how each sign can use this energy most effectively. Read on for all the details.

Taurus rules the bedrock of our inner selves, from how we find stability and safety to what we deem most valuable. It's easy to gloss over these areas of our lives, or take them completely for granted; stability, safety, values, as concepts, sound rudimentary, near mundane. But this week, as the Moon in Taurus has moved ever-closer to oppose the Sun in Scorpio — the domain of our deepest-most emotions — we've had to come face to face with the fact that triggering these inner foundations of self has the power to ignite an emotional tempest magnitudes larger and more powerful than we ever imagined possible.

Our work now? To create a physical container for the deep emotions uncovered over the last two weeks following the New Moon in Scorpio. It's about acknowledging the reality of the emotional depths, and finding physical ways to process them through action. 

Whatever comes up for you over the next 36 hours, seek out what does not serve your future progress and growth and offer it up for release. Keep your mind focused on those deep emotions that refuse to flow, and instead keep you fixed and paralyzed. Our emotions offer us the most powerful fuel for transformation — but so long as we fail to imagine a more beautiful future, we rob ourselves of our most valuable tool for change.

Find your roots and grounding in the real. This isn't the time to try to avert or eschew powerful feeling; commit yourself to learning from them. We are all going forward — none of us are going back. The sooner you accept the manifesting reality (and by accept, I don't mean to make them okay, only to be diligent in your refusal to fall into denial), the sooner you enable yourself to envision the way forward. 

A useful trine from the Moon to Pluto enhances the transformative potential, while the Moon's sextile to Neptune enhances are imaginative capabilities. Don't waste this opportunity to set the ground work for constructive growth and powerful change. Now, more than ever, the world demands your fullest presence.

If you're struggling to discern what this Full Moon energy is triggering for you, begin by looking to the zone this aspect is triggering in your chart (you can find out right now by downloading the Moon Guides) ask yourself: What do you need to be safe? What do you need to be secure? And what do you value most? 

I want to leave you with an excerpt from Earthseed, a fictional religion created by author Olivia Butler and the subject of a series of books, Parable of the Sower and Parable of the Talents (the latter of which bears wild similarities to the moment of time we now find ourselves, right down to "Make America Great Again," the slogan of the book's familiar-feeling Presidential nominee). May we find in ourselves, and in each other, the leader we so richly deserve; and, until we do, may we find the communities, the courage, and the most pragmatic action for practicing radical and sustainable resistance.

When apparent stability disintegrates.
As it must---
God is Change---
People tend to give in
To fear and depression,
To need and greed.
When no influence is strong enough
To unify people
They divide.
They struggle,
One against one,
Group against group,
For survival, position, power.
They remember old hates and generate new ones,
They create chaos and nurture it.
They kill and kill and kill,
Until they are exhausted and destroyed,
Until they are conquered by outside forces,
Or until one of them becomes
A leader
Most will follow,
Or a tyrant
Most fear.