The Saturn-Neptune square is active now through 2016 — here's what you need to know.

The sun triggers the Saturn-Neptune square tomorrow: if you haven't yet a chance to meet the weird and nebulous fear/anxiety complex this influence is apt to trigger, this is the moment it may make itself known. (how fun was that sentence?) 

The disillusionment we may feel now is a result of the discovery that our dreams don't quite match up with reality. Which is a fucking bummer, yes. But at base, this aspect is really a kind of roundabout way of elevating consciousness: our attention is called to the enormous divide between the realm of fantasy, the divine, glamour and the imagination, and the mundane plane of earthly concerns like the rudimentary needs of the body and daily work. 

We don't resolve the energy/bad emo of this period by choosing one side or the other. We resolve it by finding ways to get a little more cozy in the space between. 

More to come on ways to heal the disconnect this week. In the meantime, let's check in. How're you feeling?