How to maximize the potential of the Virgo Full Moon

Just wrapped up The Moon Guides for each of the twelve signs (have you checked them out yet? They're free for subscribers!) and thought I'd share some more general information on the Full Moon tomorrow.

The Virgo Full Moon is exact at 10:29am Pacific time on Monday. This Full Moon opposes the sun in Pisces, showing us the counter-balance to Pisces’ surrender, intuition, and compassion. It's easy to forget that we need Virgo's intellect and good judgment for discernment — without it, our Piscean surrender would be useless, or at the very least, focused in spheres that don’t serve us. 

Pisces energy desires union, in whatever form that takes — relationship, creative pursuits, spiritual fusion — and will seek to find that melding wherever it can. This can result in a divine sense of flow, a sense of togetherness we all crave on a cellular level. Or it can result in the evaporation of the necessary boundaries — whether through drugs, co-dependence, or delusion — we require to maintain self-hood on the material plane.

But the shadow side of the desire for oneness isn’t the wrong turns one can take to find it. The shadow side is the idea that we are separate — and the delusions of unworthiness and isolation, powerlessness and victimization, that gave birth to the idea of separateness in the first place.

At the time of the Full Moon, Jupiter closely opposes Chiron and the South Node signifying an opportunity to release our habitual patterns of eating ourselves alive with self-criticism and self-deprecation. Jupiter opposition Chiron invites us to drop into those spaces where judgment and separateness prevail and greet them with an open heart. This is about integration. About surrender. And about allowing imperfections to exist by acknowledging them as only what they are: deeply, personally subjective. 

Even though this is a Full Moon (in which opposites seem nothing if not blatantly obvious) work to find the places that those oppositions hint at oneness. Be diligent in your practices that connect you with spirit. Care for your body with the dedication of the reverent. Commit to action in service of spirit.

Ultimately, the time of the Full Moon is about integration, not disharmony. The two poles of Virgo and Pisces are only two sides of the same coin. If integration seems out of reach, seek out the ways in which Virgo energy fails to meet your needs — habitual self-criticism, excessive judgement, bad habits — and surrender them in favor of Pisces’ intuitive surrender and flow. 

Nourish the form. Create space for creativity. And allow room for divine inspiration.