Saturn-Neptune Square: A Message For Those in the Dark | The Saturn-Neptune square is active all year long, reaching peak intensity in June and September 2016. This energy can be supremely challenging. If you find yourself in the dark during this time, this post is meant for you.

The Saturn-Neptune square is exact today — and much like when it occurred just following the Paris attacks last November, the world is not as we thought it was.

Neptune, now in its home sign of Pisces, rules the inchoate, illusory, mystical, fluid. Saturn, now in Sagittarius, rules boundaries, material, form, matter.

The result? On a collective level, structures are now eroding faster than we can keep up with. What we believe, what we've long derived meaning from, is giving way, displaced by events that are collective in scope.

So much as we resist it, we are connected to each other. by virtue of our bodies, our emotions, our thoughts, whether we like or not, we share the same landscape. Technology (developed during Neptune in Aquarius) has gifted us all the collective awareness (Neptune in Pisces) to watch the world unfold all around us in real time. What we lack is the proper framework, the meaning, laws, and narrative material (Saturn in Sagittarius) to make sense of it, to understand where we go from here. 

And yet, just as we watch this transit play out on the collective level, we feel it on the individual level, too. If what's long held meaning for you seems now to be dissolving, if disillusionment has become part of your day-to-day lexicon, don't be afraid. You're not alone.

We can't squirm away from what we've discovered. We can't undo, unsee, unlearn, or go back. Don't resist it. Stay with the discomfort. Be patient with what it stirs in you. Let yourself be touched by its otherworldly music: in spite of everything, here you are. In spite of everything, here you are, still standing, still able, and still, irrefutably, alive. 

Find peace in this simple, expansive, miraculous fact. And wait for the moment when, from within that same pain you have wanted to resist, begins a slow, pulsating, unfolding of light, ripe with meaning and possibility, that draws your eyes toward a new path forward.