SAGITTARIUS FULL MOON: WHAT DO YOU BELIEVE // The Sagittarius Full Moon is live on Saturday, May 21st: how will you use the energy? Click through to read more and download your free guide to creating a powerful Full Moon release ritual!

Right-wrong, black-white, in-out — if only everything could be so simple. Our minds cling to dualism because, for the mind, it’s better than the nuances of complexity — and it’s so much easier than having to taking responsibility for the subtleties and nuances of our experience. 

When it comes right down to it, we’re creatures living out our lives on a planet with no proof or evidence as to where we came from, what we’re doing here, and where we’ll go when the experience is over. That fact alone is enough to drop anyone into a dualistic mindset in which the true nature of everything is discernible through reductive either-or analysis.

Gemini rules these binary thought patterns. It rules information and facts, what we think we can know. Sagittarius rules that which exists outside the dualistic framework. It rules subjective rather than objective understanding — and the conviction we embody when we impose our beliefs, what is believe to be true, onto others.

The truth is that it’s we who animate the world with meaning. We see the world through the beliefs and perceptions we’ve inherited and constructed, and live within the conclusions we draw from them. If this seems an exceptionally grim fate to you, I invite you to look closer: our very freedom resides in this truth.

It’s apt that the Mars is conjunct the Moon, and opposite the Sun during this Full Moon. Mars, whose retrograde will reach its midpoint in only two short days, is highlighting the places where our beliefs have been pushed out of balance with the flow of our lives, the beliefs we’ve obstinately clung to despite the limitations they place on our growth.

Sagittarius rules adventure. It rules expansion, long-distance travel, and the encounters with The New that assist us in expanding the scope of our mind. What’s in your heart, what would you try, if only you were brave enough? Or if you knew you could not fail? Then, consider what it is that’s preventing you from taking the leap: is it the fear of failure? Of rejection? Of criticism? Does it seem to flippant, too useless, too fun? Do you think you can’t afford it? It’s these beliefs we’re being invited to release during this period. 

Listen to what’s beckoning to you to expand and explore. Investigate what’s standing in your way. And release the internal barriers blocking you from accepting the call to adventure. If you haven't downloaded them yet, The Moon Guides for the Sagittarius Full Moon contain a Full Moon ritual to help you do just that.

This is how progress is made. The funny thing is that sometimes, progress can be completely non-linear and can come from the most unexpected places. We resist take up painting because we consider ourselves writers, and believe we must dedicate ourselves fully to only one medium. But without embracing and following where the heart leads, our writing never gains the fluidity and grace, the sensuality and color that it most desperately needs.

It’s not up to us to decide the path forward. Sagittarius energy keeps its eyes on its goal, but follows the journey wherever it leads. With this Full Moon, we can use the intellect (Gemini) to untangle the knots in our beliefs (Sagittarius) so that we can access our drive (Mars) to expand our horizons. 

You are more free than you can deign to imagine — and the only thing truly keeping you back is your mind. Use the Sagittarius Full Moon to re-dedicate yourself to your true goals, and release the constraints you’ve placed on yourself that you thought you needed to get you there.