Sagittarius Full Moon and Summer Solstice

Today's Full Moon in Sagittarius, occurring just hours before the summer solstice, is a rare occurrence, rendered all the more exceptional by its being the second Full Moon in the sign this year. The sign-by-sign Moon Guides are live: use them to help you focus your release rituals and attune to the energies available. More details on the Full Moon below!

The Full Moon in Sagittarius is a powerful opportunity to release those things in your life which do not serve your greatest vision for yourself. There's an air of the ecstatic hovering around the edges of today's Full Moon in Sagittarius and summer solstice, some element of closure — or at the very least, intuitive recognition — opening up space for new adventure and exploration of what truly holds meaning in your life.  In the month that's passed since the last Full Moon in Sagittarius, we've had the opportunity to re-assess what we believe, what we desire, what we, on a deeper level, truly want out of our lives. 

The result? More and more, we find ourselves aligning with our own true north. When we become intimately acquainted with what we want and shift our behavior to match our ideals, anything that diminishes us, whether in body, mind, or spirit, gets left behind as our energy naturally moves toward the fertile ground of our real goals and dreams. 

The summer solstice represents the pinnacle of what we've created in our lives over the last six months. Practice gratitude for everything  — especially if you find it hard to understand the deeper purpose of challenging circumstances. You never know what lies ahead: what you perceive as a challenge may in fact be shifting you closer to your goals than you know.

What's called for now is faith — faith, and patience. With so much energy in the mutable signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces, we're bound to be busy. Distracted. Don't worry about taking practical steps or planning now: just keep your eye on the horizon of where you want to go, practice gratitude for whatever is showing itself in your life, and work to embody your ideals in every passing moment.

Feel, from your heart, what is calling you. Let yourself dream, play, and sink into the joy it provokes in you. Keep that warmth, that pure-hearted enthusiasm with you as you move through the world and watch as opportunities and serendipitous meetings begin to line up to support you. And say yes to any adventure that lights you up.

Keep your focus on the future. Keep your eyes on the light. And trust everything else that holds you back will fall away.

Want to learn more about the Full Moon? Read last month's post about the Full Moon in Sagittarius to get a deeper look at the highlights and themes being activated.