The full moon in Taurus on Tuesday, October 27th shines a cosmic spotlight on the consequences of our actions, expanding our awareness by elucidating the results of our choices.

The central question presented by Tuesday's full moon is this: do your thoughts, actions and intentions stem from love — or from fear? It's always so easy to boisterously and loudly proclaim LOVE! — all the while hiding the narrow places within that haven't yet had a chance to meet the light.

These interior pockets of darkness are our secrets — but it isn't their darkness that keeps us from the light. The only darkness that exists is our shame; the shame we've blanketed over what we currently perceive to be darkness in an attempt to show a more light-reflecting surface.

We turn our backs on ourselves in hopes that if we disown these misshapen or unslightly fragments, we might still find ourselves worthy of love and acceptance.

Tuesday's full moon is your chance to see just what you've bathed in your own interior dark — and how even what's hidden from sight can exert tremendous power.