The Pisces New Moon / Solar Eclipse is exact at 6:58am Pacific on Sunday, signaling the closing of one chapter of our lives so that we may open to the new with renewed trust and energy.

This can seem confusing, as the standard practice for New Moons is fresh beginnings. But this New Moon, located in the last sign of the zodiac, is the final in a series of eclipses on the Pisces-Virgo axis, and conjunct the South Node, home to the patterns we need to shed in order to evolve.

There's so much more insight into this in The Moon Guides for each of the twelve signs. Already got yours? Here's what you need to know about the Pisces New Moon.


  • Face your demons — and by demons, I mean those smallest, most innocuous, yet most pernicious foes: the bad habits, behaviors, and patterns that, despite their seemingly minuscule impact, inhibit the growth of which you are so imminently capable. This eclipse is an opportunity to bring the demons into the light of recognition, the first step to moving past your reliance on them.
  • The Solar Eclipse in Pisces offers deep potential for healing long-held wounds. Give voice to your shadow, your secrets, your pain, and allow your honesty to heal those around you. Look to the place that your wound can be used as a balm to heal others. 
  • This is the beginning of a new cycle of awareness and being. The faster you can loosen your attachment to what has ceased to function in your life, the faster you can release your grasp on your own victimhood and accept responsibility for any part you played, the faster your evolution will arrive.
  • With so much energy concentrated in Pisces, insights are likely to arrive in dreams and other forms of otherworldly inspiration. Follow your intuition. Create space for reflection, for silence and solitude. Tune inward and the path will become clear.
  • Artists: turn to your work. No matter what happens, go into your work. Commit to the act of making a record of your experience.
  • Look for opportunities to translate your experiences into light for others. Give light as service. As offering. As healing for yourself and others.