Everything you need to know about the Scorpio New Moon

With initiatory energy amassing in Scorpio ahead of the new moon on the 11th, we're being forced to confront how we've been responsible for our own self-undoing, how we've prevented ourselves from manifesting our truest vision.

The fix is simple — and it IS simple — though it requires something of you to achieve it. The solution requires cunning, courage, devotion, and presence — which means it requires surrender. 

The solution is this: commit to your integrity. Be courageous in the defense of it. And be responsible to yourself first. 

More than anything else, this is a quiet practice. This is about holding your vision for the future, what you are building and where are are going, absolutely sacred. Seek out the holes and energy leaks that have  held you back and choose to take responsibility. When conflict arises, which it always will, hold your vision close: will drama get you where you need to go? Or is the choice to surrender your desire to be right what will ultimately bring you closer?

Things will feel unstable now. Fears will loom large, events may appear catastrophic. 

Hold on to your integrity. Take responsibility wherever you can. Work to recognize that any failure or blame you'd place on The Other is a projection of your own making.

Through our relationships, we now have a chance to see where we've failed to care for ourselves, how we've gotten in our own way. Please don't make the mistake of falling for the illusion that there is anything in your life that is out of your supreme control. Any disfunction you perceive now only signals your growing awareness of patterns that no longer serve.

Take any discomfort you find in yourself now and make it your sacred work to seek out your responsibility for it — and then take action. Even the smallest one will do. Prove to yourself that you can transform your circumstances, your condition, yourself. When you can take the next step while staying in your integrity, take it. Then take the next. And then the next. 

This is vital (and vitalizing) work — but the hardest part is taking that first step. 

What, ultimately, does success with this look like? How will you know you've done the work? When you would choose to experience these conditions again, and once again, just to prove you know how to move through them.

You have a right to feel the way you feel — and you always will. But until you can surrender outdated emotions that no serve to get you where you need to go, progress will be difficult at best.