How to set intentions for the New Moon in Sagittarius

The Sagittarius new moon is exact on Friday, December 11th, just after 2am Pacific time (you can take a peek back at the previous post for a more in-depth look at the dynamics in play over the next 36 hours). This is the last new moon of 2015 — and, with Mercury stationing retrograde on on January 5th of the new year, it's a solid opportunity to set intentions capable of doubling as New Years resolutions come the 31st. Here are a few places you might want to start:


We don't typically give much thought to the fact that everything we do in the world is a reflection of what we believe. From the first thing we do when we get out of bed in the morning (do we drink lemon water and meditate? Check our email? Head to the gym?) to the foods we eat to the friends we choose, every single action we take reflects something deeper about our philosophy. Our purpose. 

This month, choose to connect with this inner belief system and work to engage with it consciously. Make it a mindfulness practice: each morning, on waking, connect with your center; find your integrity, tap your beliefs, and commit to acting from them. Try to maintain your connection to this inner compass throughout the day and investigate what pulls you off-center: is it a relationship dynamic? Stress?

Most of all: tell the truth. Even when it hurts. Nothing is worth more than your integrity.


Sagittarius excels when galloping toward its vision — but this sign doesn't take the typical route. Instead, Sagittarius typically races gregariously toward what provides the greatest arousal in the moment, boundaries and fences be damned (hence what gets them into trouble so often, but I digress). The larger-than-life energy of this sign is a direct result of that fiery, pure-hearted pursuit.

What in your life brings out that wildfire sense of adventure? What do you pursue with such fervor that everything else in your life fades into the background? 

Permit yourself to get lost in the chase. Create room for serendipity and happy accidents in your daily life. Reignite your own passion for being alive and trust in your heart-centered intuition to guide you.


Sagittarius rules our sense of purpose, the meaning we derive from our experiences. With Saturn in Sagittarius through 2017, we’re being tasked with expanding our consciousness beyond its current boundaries to find deeper, more mindful and awareness. Keep your eyes wide open for signals and signs from the universe.


Work to dissolve your ideologies of lack, scarcity and victimhood with mind-expanding practices. Investigate how what you believe limits your capacity to have, to achieve, to expand.


It seems like each day it gets easier to share what you know and love with the entire world. What inspires you? What skills do you have? And where do you want to grow? Find the intersection of these answers, and you’ll find what you’ve got to give to the world. Please don't wait until you think you've finally mastered it: the world needs your passion and depth. 


Everything is interconnected. There are no exceptions. Look up: the darkness that dominates the night sky is punctuated by the light of stars burning hundreds of millions of light years away. Let reality humble you. Let it fill you with awe, with wonder. Explore the planet we share. Experience shinrin-yoku. Visit the sea. Open up to guidance larger than yourself. Get free.


This can be a tough one for Sagittarius. But with Saturn, the cosmic taskmaster, taking names in the sign of the archer, we’d do well to surrender our flightier impulses in favor of deepening our commitment to what we love. 

We're now fully equipped with the fortitude and focus necessary to take practical action toward our ideals. It may not sound like the freewheelin’ party of the century, but just think: two years from now, after you've built your empire out of what brings you the most joy in the world, you'll see how all that discipline was more than worth it.