The Sagittarius New Moon on December 11th offers a cosmic opportunity to radically expand your vision for the future — and the perseverance, discipline and pragmatism to manifest that new reality in the world.

But first, let's get clear about this whole vision issue. This isn't the watery, emotional Pisces/Neptune vision of illusory and mystical dreamscapes. The Sagittarian vision is deeply personal, the from-the-heart thirst, the fiery passion of pursuit and the burning dream-ideal that propels you toward your goals.

The New Moon this month is particularly important because it offers our first real opportunity to set our intentions with the demanding (but rewarding) energies of Saturn, which entered Sagittarius this September. Saturn is the planet of organization, structure, hard work, boundaries — not to mention the Saturn Return. Sagittarius is a sign of freedom and broadened frontiers, travel, and the unquenchable pursuit of meaning: not exactly natural bedfellows. But even though Sagittarius may buck at the constraints, Saturn is here to create the necessary boundaries and structure that will enable us to manifest and sustain our dream-visions.

How to get the most out of this Sagittarius New Moon? More on that coming very soon.