Let me explain something right off the bat: this is the final eclipse of a three-year cycle on the Aries/Libra axis. What does this mean for you? After tomorrow's sixth eclipse in the cycle, issues you've been dealing with since october 18, 2013 are WRAPPING. THE FUCK. UP. 

That's the good news, right? The other news is this: that wrapping up might not be hyper-elegant gift wrap with a bow on top. but please know: whatever it looks like, no matter how you slice it, it's a gift.

Read on for a full breakdown of the eclipse effects. Wondering what this Full Moon means for you? Be sure to download The Moon Guides for your sign! 

 Four Ways to Thrive Through the Libra Full Moon Lunar Eclipse | The Libra Full Moon on March 23, 2016 is the last eclipse in a series of six on the Aries/Libra axis. Here's how to take maximum advantage!

Before we dig in, let's talk about this whole eclipse phenomenon.


Eclipses, which always arrive in groups of two or three, are flash-points— and where they occur in your chart is where you can expect to undergo deep and lasting change. Someone once described lunar eclipses as Full Moons with a strong dose of hallucinogenic steroid thrown in for good measure: it's that kind of party, and that kind of volatility.  

Another useful metaphor for eclipses is defragmentation: remember when you had to manually initiate defragmenting on your old PC?  And, once the hour or so-long process was completed, you'd find your computer ran just a bit faster than before?  Eclipses operate in a similar manner: they reboot our reality, triggering necessary developments and opportunities that enable us to operate more efficiently and freely.

That's because the effects of each eclipse run deep, triggering our old psychological material so strongly that we feel our inner worlds have become a little more exposed and vulnerable in our conscious lives. When the boundary between inner world and outer consequence grows thin and porous,  long-submerged issues can come to a head with the timing always a little, well, different than we imagined.

Eclipses draw a line in the sand and push us, from within, to commit. What's eerie, what gives us that core, disturbing sensation about them, is that they often precipitate something subtle shifting ever so slightly inside us that rapidly takes form and propels us in a direction that only moments before, we didn't feel ready to embrace.


There are three reasons the results of this eclipse in particular are so tangible. The first is that, despite drastic appearance to the contrary, my experience is that lunar eclipses produce events and insights which are more deeply FELT than those produced by solar eclipses, meaning their impact on our interior lives and experiences exceeds the dramatic visual effect of a solar eclipse. The second is that Wednesday's eclipse is occurring right after the sun's entry into Aries, and coinciding with a Sun-Mercury conjunction, highlighting the power of Aries thought, messages and communication in a major way, in stark contrast to the pile-up of planets we had in Pisces for nearly two full weeks. The third reason, which I alluded to above, is that this eclipse marks the end of a cycle of lunar eclipses along the Aries/Libra axis, meaning issues that've been triggered off and on for three years are now coming to a head.

Eclipses are nothing short of intense— they bring great change to our lives, but nothing we aren't ready for. In other words? They aren't anything to fear. And though we may be resistant at first, as the energy dissipates (and it will, over the next three months) we'll find ourselves able to contextualize all the radical shifts we've experienced. Integration is key, but integration takes time.  Until you're able to do so, you might as well enjoy the ride.

My advice: tread lightly during the next four weeks, and stay open to those internal shifts. They're occurring, and they're the engine behind the warp-speed change happening around you. The best way to navigate this season is to do so with as much consciousness as you can muster so you can roll with the transformations as they come.



Emotions surrounding our relationships are high — which means it can be hard to sort out what's ours, what's the Other, and what's the relationship. It's tricky territory — which is why I think that, when in doubt? Seek out responsibility. Find your agency in the circumstances. Before you resort to calling anyone out, dig deep into your role in bringing about the issues you face. It may seem counter-intuitive, but that's where your true power lies.


That said, don't bottle up and repress what's arising now. When in doubt, dig deep, choose love, and then say your piece. While Aries/Libra isn't typically regarded as a primary communication axis (that's Gemini/Sagittarius) communication is just what we need, both with ourselves and with our partners and closest friends and confidantes. Access the wellspring of compassion and empathy available through Venus, Chiron and Neptune in Pisces, and say, write, or otherwise communicate what you need to in order to bring yourself back into harmony. Balance self-love with compassion.


This is a real "put on our life preserver before helping others" moment. If you aren't putting your needs first, who is? There's no more important time than a lunar eclipse to make the space necessary for sudden insights and shifts to emerge in a space of calm and dignity.


This energy is absolutely electric — if you haven't experienced insights or experiences that have shocked you in the past 36 hours, it's likely they're on their way. But don't take that statement as apocalyptic, or as if there's anything you must do or rehearse to prepare. At this moment, the purpose of shock is simple: to initiate us into more complete manifestations of our truest selves. The only safety we possess in the moment? The choice to say yes. To affirm our experiences. The choice to flow into and through it and trust that what's coming up is moving you into closer alignment with your right environment. Your right relationships. Your right life. 

Our communities need us to demonstrate that faith. To stay in our integrity. To trust in the essential goodness of whatever arises, despite the fact that we don't know where it will lead us.

In other words: Choose love. And stay in your immaculate innocence.


Let's focus on what's asking to bloom within us. Let's trust that any sensation of powerlessness and isolation will evaporate when we find right alignment with our calling. Wednesday's lunation beckons all of us (particularly those with planets in Aries and Libra) to take the leap of faith, courage and outrageous hope to propel ourselves into the lives and relationships that are waiting for us.