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In honor of the Aquarius New Moon, we're doing something a little different.

I'm excited to announce that subscribers-only MOON GUIDES have launched — completely free, of course — beginning with today's sign-by-sign breakdown of the new moon in Aquarius

What do the guides  cover? An overview of themes, key words, and other pertinent information about the astrological house each lunation activates, along with how to set the most power-packed new moon intentions. You'll also find astrological highlights for each month, as well as a list of void-of-course moon times and how to use them.

Check them out for the full scoop

The Aquarius New Moon is exact this morning, turning our attention toward calibration of our collaborative power. Humanity is at its best when we work with the collective to reach shared goals — but only of the collective in question is right for us, and only if the goal is arrived at democratically and diplomatically.

Mars in Scorpio in tight square with this new moon signals that action is warranted here to resolve the tension: what can you share or invest in others that will bring you into better alignment with your true purpose? Are you in league with the right people with whom you can reach toward a shared goal, or are you constantly struggling against the tide to make progress? 

True ease arrives when we find our people, our tribe, out community. Revolution, right revolution, is only possible with trust, transparency and honesty. 

So much more in the THE MOON GUIDES.