Everything you need to know about Jupiter opposition Chiron

Activated through mid- to late February, Jupiter opposition Chiron is an invitation to flood the wounds that define us (even as we deny them) with the brilliant healing power of Jupiter — but there's some work we must do before we can use it. The major promise — and the major work — of this month will be this: to the extent that we're able to confront and accept the roots of our pain, we'll find the energy and optimism required to heal. 

This is all about integration. 

We are always standing at the precipice of our own evolution. The moment when we decide to take that leap of faith into territory or circumstances we cannot control, the world opens out, our view expands, and our prior definitions, our names for things, all of our intricate meanings evaporate and shift to acclimate. 

In opening we grow to expand beyond the conditions of our pain. We grow past our limits, the narrow rooms created by the fear of our own woundedness.

This is our freedom, our choice in every moment: to broaden our perspective. to move out from. to let the lower fears and trepidations be dissolved through a greater faith, vision, belief.

We don't source our power from our infallability. We source our power from the fact that we are tremendously, crushingly, urgently vulnerable. The fact of our soft bodies. our paper-thin skin. 

We persist. In spite of everything, we persist. Who are you or I to say that that thing we hold away from our bodies, our minds, our hearts, that secret, that deep, aching pain, will demolish us? Who are we to say that demolishing our old concepts isn't what we actually ultimately need? Judgement separates. Every time. 

We spend so much time denying our native wholeness — we make such a tremendous amount of noise, expend so much effort in hopes of cementing that pain, that secret, that judgment, in place and away from our day-to-day experience.

Jupiter opposition Chiron invites us to drop into those spaces where judgment and separateness prevails and greet those forms with an open heart. don't try to will it — this is all yin, meditation, a practice. Let the acceptance of your wounds be an act of spontaneous grace. Know that only with your wounds are you powerful beyond conception. Know that your vulnerability has everything to do with it.