The first eclipse of 2016 occurs in Pisces on Tuesday, March 8th at 5:54pm Pacific. Want to find out how to use the energy? The Moon Guides for all twelve signs are now live! Already got yours? Then read on for a full breakdown of this super-potent event.

The Total Solar Eclipse in Pisces is exact on Tuesday, March 8th, 2016! Here's everything you need to know to get the most out of this powerful transit.
The wound is the place light enters you.
— Rumi


Simply put, this New Moon kicks off a time-frame imminently more potent and powerful than typical moon cycles. That's right: it's eclipse season again. 

A solar eclipse represents the beginning of a new cycle — and by necessity, the cessation of an old one, which is why there's so much fear flying around about eclipses. But honestly? Eclipses are neither good nor bad in and of themselves. When we become attached to outmoded ways of being, the energy of an eclipse can seem destructive; but if we can get still enough to detach from our habitual patterns we can get a glimpse at what is transforming in our lives, the new story-line just beginning to coalesce.

If you listen closely, you can feel it now: it's that quiet, insistent undertow of energy calling us from someplace deep and still. And if you're truly honest with yourself, you likely already know exactly which area of your life this energy will manifest, even if you don't know the house occurs in — it's that powerful. 

Bottom line? Any extra energy you can put into crafting your intentions during this cycle will go a long way toward creating the experiences you desire over the next six months.



With ordinary New and Full moons, the Sun, Moon and Earth align, allowing cosmic energy to travel with very few restrictions and resulting in a tremendous amount of information pouring into the earth's magnetic field.  — which, if you're paying attention, can be pretty fucking intense.

During an eclipse, those energies align even more closely, fostering even greater concentration and flow of cosmic information. The alignment is so tight, in fact, that, as one celestial body passes in front of the other (the Moon in front of the Sun during a Solar Eclipse; the Earth between the Sun and the Moon during a Lunar Eclipse) the transmission of cosmic energy gets interrupted. Left unsupported, energetic matrices supporting old patterns and habits dissolve, giving us a rare and powerful opportunity to release outworn ways of being and generate new possibilities. In essence, our consciousness gets an upgrade — and we get to influence what that new program looks like.

That's where intention comes in. 

You’ll find a deeper look into the Pisces New Moon / Total Solar Eclipse below. Want just the facts? Scroll to the bottom of this post for the must-know bullet-points. 



As I read it, this week’s Pisces Solar Eclipse bears one simple message: give voice to your shadow, your secrets, your pain, and allow your honesty to heal those around you. Look to the place that your wound can be used as a balm to heal others. Practice gathering your full self (complete with all the details you’d rather leave out) into each moment and refuse to leave any part out. 



The chart for the Solar Eclipse features Chiron in tight alignment with the Sun and Moon in Pisces, putting us in touch with our own inner woundedness and offering us the chance to turn our own pain into a source of healing for others.

This is powerful medicine — but first, we have to be willing to sacrifice our secrecy for wholeness. In other words? Our wounds must be opened to meet the light of day. We can no longer keep our pain to ourselves.

Tell your stories. Honestly, it doesn’t matter how you do it so long as you commit. Pluto in easy aspect to the eclipse brings powerful energy to support this transformation; all we have to do is surrender the crumbling facades of the walls we’ve erected to protect us. 

This is the highest alchemy there is: the transformation of personal suffering and pain into a light to guide the way for others. It’s the deepest work there is to do. It’s what the human experience is all about.

As Ram Dass puts it so well, It's all just God in drag. This, too. And this, too. There is no outside, there is no cast out, and there is no finish line. There is only, ever, this. Only this. Followed to its logical conclusion, we exist, our very stories exist, in order for us to share them. To contribute to the totality. And to create greater ease for those who come after us.

The way forward is through revelation, illumination, transformation and evolution. The Solar Eclipse in Pisces provides all the tools you need to support that journey to wholeness.



  • The Solar Eclipse in Pisces offers deep potential for healing long-held wounds.
  • This is the beginning of a new cycle of awareness and being. The faster you can loosen your attachment to what has ceased to function in your life, the faster you can release your grasp on your own victimhood and accept responsibility for any part you played, the faster your evolution will arrive.
  • With so much energy concentrated in Pisces, insights are likely to arrive in dreams and other forms of otherworldly inspiration. Follow your intuition. Create space for reflection, for silence and solitude. Tune inward and the path will become clear.
  • Artists: turn to your work. No matter what happens, go into your work. Commit to the act of making a record of your experience.
  • Look for opportunities to translate your experiences into light for others. Give light as service. As offering. As healing for yourself and others.