The full moon in Taurus at 4:05am is an opportunity to reach new levels of radical honesty and transparency.

Tomorrow's lunation is all about the secrets we keep. these are the spaces we do not allow ourselves to grieve, even in our quietest, most private hours — and because we deny them, we cannot move through them. Instead of communion with the Other, we first turn against ourselves in our attempt to first make ourselves worthy, eliminating any chance of true intimacy.

So long as we keep them, our secrets wield all the power. We give ourselves over to them. We cannot even grasp the energy we expend on keeping things hidden until we take the leap of faith of exposing them to the light. The energy we acquire to forge a new path doesn't manifest out of nowhere: it was always ours. All along.

When we open our own personal pain to the light of each other, when we choose to finally endure the vulnerability of exposure, we literally make room in our lives for more love. More juiciness. More flow. And infinitely more compassion. This is a transformational way of being that has the power to change the very living texture of your experience. What's more, this type of radical transparency opens the doors for those around you to yield their own secrets, a result with potentially collective implications.

We're in the midst of opening into a new experience of life as motivated by ever-increasing reservoirs of acceptance — which is to say, love. Greet every instance of tension you experience this week with opening. With ease. Every place you feel caught this week, triggered, or out of the flow, think to yourself: AND THIS, TOO. The light is just as holy as the dark. Just as necessary. Just as powerful. 

Please don't worry if this doesn't come easily now: Mars traversing the territory between late Scorpio and Sagittarius for much of 2016 will provide the energy, drive and focused willpower necessary to complete this transformative, alchemical process.

This is an incredibly powerful and potent time. We must choose this life, the one we've got, with all its terror and fear and awkwardness. We must choose this life if we are going to thrive.

In the end, everything is love. Our very existence is love. The stairs, the stoop, the chairs, the clothes, all of it is love. There's no getting around it. And this, too.