How to use the energy of the Full Moon in Leo to make room for divine play.

The Full Moon in Leo is exact today at 5:45pm Pacific. Leos are known for many things — but given the condition of the skies at the moment, I get the impression that this is a full moon less about Leo’s love of the limelight than Leo’s deep need for creative play.

Play is a word that’s largely been missing from our rhetoric of late. Mercury in Capricorn in epic dialogue with Pluto doesn’t exactly place play at the top of its list of to-dos; and as fantastic as Jupiter in Virgo with the North Node has been for reaching new heights of health / habits / work / routines / konmari, it’s hard not to notice the absence of Jupiter’s typical care-free and boisterous influence. Don’t even get me started on Sagittarius.

That’s why I think the most important influence of today’s full moon is the return of play. Here’s how to use it:

Get Grateful

The more we experience and share your gratitude for what the present has to offer, the more we drop into a sense of flow. Of greater connection and connectedness with all things. 

We don’t encourage more flow in our lives with diligently arranged plans, strategies, and timetables; it’s the release of those very things that allows us the spaciousness to drop into the present.

When our meticulous schedules and plans get slashed by inclement circumstances (ahem — blizzards, for example) we move first to a strange, subliminal anxiety, then into boredom, and then — if all of our essential needs are met, and our traditional tools of distraction have dissolved and we’re left to find out how to use an entirely different set of materials to entertain ourselves —

We play. In spite of everything. 

Dissolve Creative Blocks

Full moons illuminate the issues or circumstances that obstruct us so that we can consciously and lovingly set intentions to release them. Use the powerful energy of today’s full moon to zero in on the issues blocking the flow of your creative power in the world, and make conscious your intention to let them go.

The power is there to transform your creative work and infuse it with inner wisdom, depth, and soul power. But first? Release your grip. Dare to create just for the sake of it. Get distracted. Make room.

Make Play An Act of Devotion

Align this evening’s rituals with actions that make you you feel more alive. More playful. More grateful for the delicious fact of being alive. 

Make room for inspiration. Make room for spirited play. No matter what form it takes, take time this weekend to make play an act of spirited devotion — and release everything that would stymie the flow of pure, uninhibited inspiration.