Five Ways to Use the Gemini New Moon

The full moon in Gemini arrives at 2:44pm on Wednesday, turning our energies from building and manifesting to reflection and release.

It's not always easy to let go of what no longer serves us. We cling to clutter in all its forms — physical, mental, emotional, spiritual — because the very act of navigating it all reminds us that we exist. that our pasts exist. That our time here has amounted to something, even if that evidence we're holding onto infringes on our freedom of motion.

With a Gemini full moon exact tomorrow, the space we're inhabiting / the clutter we're facing is predominantly mental. We can gather facts endlessly before stopping to consider what anything truly means.

Gemini can see facts in a great, democratic line, one after another, with little weight distinguishing one from the next. Sagittarius, on the other hand, can't look at a pebble without flying out into a galaxy of associations and deeper meaning. The full moon illuminates the tension between these two approaches, and asks us to find room in ourselves to hold space for both. 

How does the proliferation of information all around you stop you from discerning deeper meaning? How does it distract you from your purpose? The saturn-neptune square building to intensity on Thursday only punctuates our need to turn our gaze from incessant fact-finding to deep, soulful meaning-making.


  • I ran into a study recently reporting that 90% of smartphone users check their email within an hour of waking up each day, setting themselves into a pattern of responding rather than initiating. Spent responding to other people's agendas. Commit to the experiment of taking back that first hour. Watch what happens.
  • Try to avoid taking any action generated by restless mental energy: it only sends more chaos out in the world for you to have to clean up later. Work to ground the mind with stillness punctuated by intentional movement. Carve away space for meditation, a short walk in nature, a slow movement practice.
  • Take responsibility for your mental and intellectual integrity. 
  • Practice the art of finding deeper meaning. Writing is great for this as it disciplines and focuses the mind. Trace webs of associations between objects, people, places. Watch what happens internally when you discover those connections, the tiny fireworks that meaning explodes in the heart.
  • Find comfort in the questions, the in-between spaces, the great, wide-open, star-studded mystery of it all. In spite of everything, here we are. In spite of everything, we persist. In spite of everything.