Crystals are powerful tools for growth and transformation, so it's no surprise they'd come in handy during Mercury retrograde. I wanted to get some expert intel, so I invited Vanessa Kunderman of Rogue Wood Supply to share some crystal knowledge and retrograde recommendations.

I first met Vanessa last January when she joined the very first round of The Retrograde Project and I've been a big fan of hers — and her intelligent, pragmatic approach to using crystals in our everyday lives — ever since. Her Instagram is filled with gorgeous specimens of crystals both common and rare, each paired with a detailed breakdown of their properties and benefits. A writer, shamanic practitioner, mother and crystal-slinger living in Manitoba, Canada, I knew she'd be the perfect woman to tap for advice on useful crystals to have on hand for Mercury retrograde phases. Read on for all the details!

FIVE CRYSTAL PAIRINGS FOR MERCURY RETROGRADE | Vanessa Kunderman of @RogueWoodSupply has five crystal pairing recommendations to transform your Mercury retrograde. Click through for all the details!

People are becoming more and more aware that Mercury retrograde phases aren’t something to be feared. Far from it: when we embrace the transformative impact they can have in our lives, they help us to enact the healthy self-reflective changes we need.

Crystals are my go-to self-care tool and if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s how well they can support us during Mercury retrograde. They help keep us accountable with our self-care and spirituality goals, encouraging us to live mindfully and in a state of awareness. 

Sometimes it can feel like the only option we have is to shut down during Mercury retrograde, ignoring our inboxes and vibrating phones, and hiding away beneath the duvet. Crystals can support you through the experiences rather than avoiding them, guiding the way to the other side.

Each crystal possesses its own unique properties, boasting the ability to infuse us with those very same attributes when we work with them regularly.

Mercury retrograde encourages us to slow down, to pay attention and listen deeply — without losing our heads in the process. I’ve compiled five pairs of crystals that have the ability to help you move with grace through this sometimes confusing phase. 

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Rainbow Fluorite is an intellectually stimulating stone, helping spark a mental awareness within us while promoting organization. This is an ideal stone to have on you throughout Mercury retrograde as it works to bring clarity and dispel confusion.

Lapis Lazuli is an extremely wise and determined stone, and pairs pretty powerfully with Rainbow Fluorite. Lapis Lazuli releases anger and, more importantly, some of the frustration that can creep in during this three-week phase. It’s stern and focused, commanding a particular authority. 

Together these stones help you voice your true opinions and ideas in an articulate way, removing the potential for marble mouth or projecting unclear ideas, while also helping you stay organized and efficient. It’s an ideal pairing for leaders, or for those seeking organizational help.

- if you’re in a position of authority
- through brainstorming sessions
- if you’re moving or relocating
- during projects that require attention to detail


Smoky Quartz has a deeply grounding nature, helping you maintain your center through the push/pull of Mercury retrograde, which can sometimes that can leave us feeling a little cloudy and unfocused. Is there a situation that seems up in the air? Are you unsure of your next steps or direction? 

This particular quartz variety is supercharged by all variation of Topaz, thanks to Topaz’s amplifying properties and ability to remove blockages. It dissolves uncertainty, enhances the effectiveness of Smoky Quartz, and encourages clear decision-making.

Together, these two stones ground flighty personalities and situations, promote a balanced nature, and help to dispel the high-intensity anxiety that can find us during this time.

- during new experiences
- if you need to make an important decision or are feeling indecisive
- if you are having a hard time shutting off at bed-time
- if you feel pulled in too many directions


Moss Agate helps us with self-expression, allowing our true selves to shine through. Its lush interior is peppered with rich green foliage-like coloring, striking a deep connection to the natural world. This resonance helps us to slow down and pay attention to what our hearts are trying to tell us. It might even pull you outdoors for therapeutic healing. If you're feeling stressed, worry you're not being true to yourself, or are seeking soul growth, definitely check out Moss Agate.

Malachite is a well-known amplifier, but it’s also a stone that promotes necessary change, especially if an idea, habit or thought pattern has been with us too long and is no longer serving our higher purpose. This makes it an excellent choice for use throughout the course of Mercury retrograde: with the amplification of both positive and negative experiences, you'll find the insight you need you to do the work necessary for transformation.

Moss Agate and Malachite together help us uncover our true selves, doing the necessary work for radical inner evolution throughout the entire astrological phase.

- if you’re changing jobs
- if you’re exiting old or entering new relationships
- if you’re ready for a new direction


Aquamarine promotes clear communication and maintaining your stance with regards to your highest truth. It doesn’t let you back down or become a pushover, but it is gentle and emotionally sensitive. It is a good stone for those feeling fragile. Are you feeling bullied or disrespected? Are you having a hard time speaking up? Are you afraid to sound mean, or have swallowed your tongue as not to hurt someone else’s feelings?

Nuumite helps deepen our understanding of all situations, encouraging us to ask the right questions to uncover the answers we are really seeking. It is a stone of self-mastery, and has a similar confident energy to Lapis Lazuli, but absorbs negativity in its black core.

When paired with Aquamarine's ability to help us uncover our truth, Nuummite stimulates a deep inner confidence that shows you your value and what you’re worth. Together, they remove feelings of self-doubt, enveloping you in a loving embrace.

- if you’re working on a relationship or friendship
- if there has been a miscommunication between you and another
- if you’re feeling taken advantage
- if you seek clarity in a particular situation


Carnelian is linked to the performance and entertainment realm or those working in the communications field. It encourages positivity, luck in public speaking or performing and helps grab the attention of those you want. It helps you to exude charm and warmth, making it the ideal stone for those who have a big presentation or review during this phase. Are you in the public eye? Are you working on something in the marketing or communications field, or with writing or design?

Lepidolite is perfect for a master entertainer, speaker or designer, garnering all the attention you deserve regarding self-promotion or the promotion of an idea. Lepidolite helps you to communicate more effectively, perhaps saying less, but using words, emotions, designs and movements that communicate with unshakeable persuasion. 

Together, Carnelian and Lepidolite help grab the attention from VIPs and movers and shakers. They help us come up with the best ideas, and develop an effective way to communicate them to the world.

- if you have a speaking engagement or will be in the public eye
- if you’re looking to gain recognition
- if you are launching something new

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