The New Moon in Gemini is exact at 7:59pm Pacific — and it's a big one. The Moon Guides for each of the twelve signs are live: download yours for direction in creating the most powerful New Moon intentions for your sign.

 The New Moon in Gemini is exact at 7:59pm Pacific — and it's a big one. Download The Moon Guide for direction in creating the most powerful New Moon intentions for your sign!


The big news of the Gemini New Moon is that it's taking place square in the cross-hairs of the Mutable Grand Cross, a major astrological aspect that will remain active for much of the month. Oppositions and squares represent tensions we must take action to resolve. In the case of a Grand Cross, we have a set of oppositions and four squares between the opposing planets, creating a square or cross pattern in the chart.

This grand cross involves planets in the four mutable signs: Gemini (Sun, Moon and Venus), Virgo (Jupiter), Sagittarius (Saturn), and Pisces (Neptune). In short, this aspect can be tense: as each planet tugs at the other planets involved, our energy can feel pulled in four different directions. Experientially, the effect feels much like treading water: the exertion is there, but we're not moving, and there's no ground beneath our feet to rest on.

The signature of any Grand Cross is action — it's the only way to resolve the tension built up by the aspects involved. But in the mutable signs, the sand seems always to be shifting beneath our feet the minute we attempt to decide on a direction. 


Saturn and Neptune squaring off is one of the dominant themes of 2016. I've written about this Saturn-Neptune square before, but in short this aspect is about illuminating the boundaries of our illusions (where have we been unrealistic? ungrounded?) and the dissolution of former beliefs in the way things work/the status quo. On a collective level, we see this in the dissolution of boundaries (see the migrant crisis in Europe) and traditional authority (see the 2016 U.S. Presidential election), and the rise of a new dream in its place (see again the 2016 U.S. election with new, seductive dreams for the collective on offer from both the Sanders and Trump campaigns).

Saturn in Sagittarius can give us the discipline to bring our values and beliefs into active practice in our lives. Its presence in Sagittarius helps us to step into and begin acting from the place of our deepest desires. For example: say you've wanted to write a book, and, though you've talked much about it, three years have gone by and still — no manuscript. If your dream of being published is a true, core desire (the Mars Retrograde Workbook can help you sort these deep desires from casual whim), Saturn in Sagittarius can provide you the discipline and dedication to make this a reality in your life.

What's more, Saturn in Sagittarius is essential for getting grounded here. Its message? Without finding and pursuing our own true north and purpose, that which fills our lives with meaning, we are vulnerable to being tossed out to sea. The seductiveness of our unrealistic dreams is stronger than ever — we have illusion-saturated Neptune in the artistic Pisces, its home sign, in opposition to Jupiter, which magnifies everything it touches, to thank for that. 

The New Moon in Gemini falls dead center of this astrology, giving us the tools to explore these concepts in our own lives, and learn from them. The questions being posed are many: What interests you? What are you curious about? What's your life's purpose? What's realistic — and where do you need to dream bigger? Are you working toward the right things? What beliefs are standing in the way of your achieving your dreams? How do your habitual thought patterns create barriers to forward motion? 

And on, and on, and on.

At base, this New Moon is about fostering the willingness to keep an open mind, no matter the challenges or difficulties you encounter. This New Moon is about integrity. About embodying our purpose instead of waiting to be given permission. And most of all, about aligning with our own inner truth (Saturn in Sagittarius) — and being utterly pragmatic (Saturn) about the daily work and dedication (Jupiter in Virgo) needed to reach our dreams (Neptune in Pisces).

So what to do with this influence? I've included info for each of twelve signs in The Moon Guidesthese are free to all subscribers, so be sure to download yours if you haven't yet! — but on a general level there are a few ways to go with this:

Write everything down

There's no better way to understand what's happening now than to get your thoughts down on paper. The act of writing is the only way to stop the mind's incessant racing: please make time for it. If you spend every morning before the next Full Moon writing three full pages before you do anything else in your day, you'll discover valuable clarity and perspective in areas that've eluded your grasp all spring.

Stay open

Maintain your fluidity, and you'll fine ease and grace to steer you through difficulty. Move by calibration, adaptation, finessing and absorbing, rather than in big leaps or life-changing decisions. Micro-adjustments are key.

Ground yourself in gratitude

Slowing enough not only to appreciate what you have but to really experience the grace that gratitude creates in the body as a physical sensation. Feel into your body when you practice gratitude. The way your muscles relax into your bones, your skin. This is the space you want to be standing in while you seek out direction and purpose.

Find what you love and surrender to it

Ideas are a dime a dozen now, but which provoke sensation? Which provoke action? Find those and surrender to them. Let them guide your actions. Let them determine the shape of your hours, your days, your weeks. 

Dedicate nervous energy to getting organized

If you feel blocked or caught in thoughts spinning out of control, work to create order in your environment. You can also create concrete (and remember: realistic!) schedules, plans and timelines for your goals and put them in writing. Both the act of organizing and the peace that results when you've finished reflect inwardly in your emotional and mental landscape. 

Engage in practices that stabilize the core

Yoga, pilates, or any other practice that enhances your sense of center can help ground you in your body. Alongside the grand cross, there's an utterly pragmatic and supportive trine in earth signs between Mercury, Jupiter, and Pluto. This is about the physical body as container for the spinning mutable chaos: use it.

Find faith and wonder if the natural world

The natural world helps us get out of our heads and drop back into the physical. If the mental energy is too much for you, the outdoors holds the key to pulling you back to earth. 

Open yourself to missives and messages from unexpected sources

Communication is incoming from all directions, and in all forms. Messages are everywhere. Keep your ears and heart open.


Above all, allow yourself to find stillness at the center of this astrology while this energy whips and spins around you. Stay fluid in the midst of change, and try to find detachment from the ways you think things should unfold. You don't need to make any big decisions now — but now's a time when you can find clarity and direction, context and insight to inform the decisions you'll make in the near future.