How to work with the Saturn-Neptune square, active through all of 2016

The sun moved into Sagittarius yesterday, signaling our first up-close-and-personal experience with Saturn in Sagittarius — and the Saturn-Neptune square, which arrives on Thursday.

This month, we have an opportunity to see how we've both succeeded and failed at manifesting our highest truth in the world. Sagittarius, at its core, eats, sleeps, and bleeds what it believes, manifesting those beliefs through every action, and learning from the sensory, emotional and mystical feedback received in return. 

The Saturn-Neptune square is pointing out the ways in which we've lost touch with this deeply magical way of living. How? By dissolving all we've built that doesn't align with our truth.

If there's something in your life you've worked increasingly hard these past few months to salvage — something you've duct-taped and glued and stitched back together so many times the original form is nearly unrecognizable — you've seen Saturn-Neptune at work.

The Saturn-Neptune square asks us: how faithful are you to what you believe in? And where does that faith stop? At the level of the mind? The heart? For example: if I believe that all is love, does my behavior — or even more subtly, my thinking — often beg the contrary? If I claim to be against war, am I overlooking the places in my life where I wage it?

In the coming days and all through 2016, we'll come face-to-face with where we've failed to act in alignment with our highest truth and vision. As the fault-lines start to show places, don't shrink from them — take responsibility. This is all about what we do in the now, not what we've done in the past. Act from your deepest wisdom and integrity, and trust that that essential rightness will move you toward highest alignment.