How to work with intense Scorpio energy

Mercury moves into Scorpio tonight at 11:06pm, ending a nine week (!) cruise through Libra and signaling a definitive change in energy. We're finally out of retrograde territory.

I'd bet many of you can already sense this shift coming. In Libra, Mercury can keep our attention fixed on lightweight issues, and help us charm our way out of dealing with deeper ones. There's a sensation of those things we spent nine long weeks putting off rising to the surface now — though in reality, it's we who are seeking them out with intense, Scorpionic focus.

It's essential to face your fears during this period — particularly those related to shared money, sex, debts and intimacy. Bring them to the surface, give them some air. With the Libra gloves off, we're now able to be more realistic (and intuitively/psychically attuned) to finding and repairing energetic leaks. 

This work is so essential right now. Why? Because, with Saturn in Sagittarius, we NEED the support of high-functioning Scorpio energy to pursue our goals and ambitions with the one-pointed focus Sagittarius requires to thrive. So long as we're distracted by unhealthy power structures/struggle, sex and intimacy issues, and financial/emotional debts, we can't generate the focus we need to do Saturn right. 

How will you create more emotional stability in your day-to-day? Where have you been wasting vital energy/life-force? Given the nature of Scorpio, you likely already know.