The Full Moon in Cancer is exact on January 12th at 3:34am Pacific, highlighting the opposition between how we nurture ourselves and each other, and how we make our mark on the external world. 

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Read on for more details on the January Full Moon below!


Cancer is a sign ruled by the Moon, meaning that this Full Moon is especially blessed or “dignified" here. As we well know, the Moon wields enormous influence over our experience of the material world, with its impact extending from the bodies of water that surround us to the body of water we call the self. It exerts the same influence over the our emotions.

The background energy of this Full Moon is also high on drama, with the Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto tangled in a tense Grand Cross configuration. A Grand Cross is dynamic: we feel propelled to act, but can be overwhelmed by the circumstances — or the difficult odds. Some of these challenges won't be going away any time soon — in fact, this aspect is a major factor in the overarching astrology of 2017 — but our recognition of a set of emotionally tangled competing issues may now be reaching a new peak.

The best place to begin here is at the beginning, with this essential line questioning: What makes you feel safe — and what can you do to get there?

Here are a few ways to focus the groundswell of emotion we'll be moving through over the next 7 days. 


Don’t let the energy and intensity of the Full Moon drag you away from the present moment. Deploy the deep earth energy bestowed by the Sun in Capricorn to ground yourself firmly where you are, steeling against emotional flights of fancy and longing that take you outside the experience of being in your body.

If all else fails, make your tactic with this moon to nourish those immediately surrounding you. Make your actions a divine spell for inclusion and love. When you find yourself starting to feel carried away by an emotional tide, steel yourself against it through material care and generosity.

Do the work necessary to stay present to where you are and find the love that you seek all around you. Notice how love always seems to find you, even when you're tempted to see only its absence.


Cancer rules the undifferentiated emotions, our ancestral emotional body. Full Moons have the effect of dissolving our material realities, leaving only the thinnest veil separating our ordinary day-to-day surface experience and the interior emotional plane.

While yes it's standard protocol to enter into Full Moon periods with an attitude of release, it's all the more important during a Cancer Full Moon. With so much stored information, patterns, emotions and junk material from the past rising to the surface now, the action required is discernment and relinquishment. 

In the wash of emotions that will rise in this interval, take care to discern which belong to you (i.e., emerging from lived experiences), and which are the emotions of your parents and extended family, your partner, or the social/collective emotional field. The more you’re able to release emotional habits and patterns that do not nourish and sustain you, the better you’ll be able to progress with fluidity and wholeness.  


Don't bury the emotions that push you off-center. Process them  —  you'll find that the simplest, most immediate way to move them is through your physical body. So get outside. Get grounded. Take in the elements and let them bring you back into balance.

Capricorn represents where we build stability in our lives to steel us against the crashing destructive waves of emotional upset. We can use our emotions to carve our future paths. Resolve to build a container for more of what you want to experience in your life. Let that emotional power fuel a future you desire: more love. more flow. more luminescence.