We’ve got a quiet week with few fresh aspects until Thursday, when Venus joins up with Mars and Jupiter.

Mars/Jupiter IS still on and the trine to Pluto equals staying power. This is all earth  — even with Mars and Jupiter involved  — so think practical. Pragmatic.

Jupiter stays in sync with Pluto over the next nine months: this is energy that needs to be directed to evolutionary, transformative and collectively beneficial ends. Keep it high-vibe: shadowy pursuits face a stoned by the populous/consumptive virus from the inside-out kind of fate.

This is clear, powerful energy. This is fuel for building/launching something long-standing. Something transformative. 

Moon is void in just a few hours. Watch for flashes of insight/genius tonight as the moon shifts into aquarius at 6:37pm.

Where are you headed with this brilliant astro?

📷: raquel chicheri