The Aquarius New Moon is exact at 4:07pm Friday, January 27th, bringing renewed energy and focus to whatever zone Aquarius occupies in your chart. (Not sure where to look? The Moon Guides can help you find out what this New Moon is activating in your chart, and give a glimpse at other astrological highlights for January and February.)

Aquarius is the sign of fellowship, of communities or groups aligned with common principles, goals, and ideologies. In short, Aquarius is the sign of social movements wherein those who participate are drawn together by their common values.

What's interesting to note about this particular New Moon is its isolation: the Sun and Moon make no aspects to any other planet in the chart, which is pretty unusual for any New or Full Moon. While it might seem like this lack of aspects would create the effect of making this New Moon free from any external influence, it seems like the opposite is true, with the other active aspects — though not directly connected — creating a kind of gravitational focus, or energetic pull.

This kind of disembodied-involvement seems like an apt description of the times we're living in. Now more than ever, the political is personal — and though for most of us, events continue to unfold at great remove (unless you're sitting right outside the Oval Office, in which case... HALP US) they cut deeper than we ever imagined.

The New Moon is a portrait of the self over-ridden by a deluge of the outside influences, events, circumstances — with the only chance of cohesion, of becoming whole, available within the context of the larger social picture. 

Which means? It's time to go to work — together. It's time to make progress, to take action, to create change — but the only way we can move forward is together.

This doesn't mean that you must bear the burnout and disillusionment, the frustration and exhaustion, without respite. This means you must make care for the self a non-negotiable practice in service of what you want to create in the world.

How to use the energy of the Aquarius New Moon

As always, the New Moon is a time to turn inward, and this New Moon is no exception. But please don't stop there. Instead, dig deep and try to imagine the world you wish to leave for generations to come: what does it look like, how does it feel, what values does that society support and uphold? Spend some time here, exploring this new imagined terrain, sensing the manifestation of those qualities you hold most dear, writ large on a collective scale.

Then know this: there is no surer path to victory, no swifter route to bringing the next world into being, than love. Only love has the power to change the world, today, and from each day forward. 

So let yourself fall in love with the future you envision. Let it sweeten your dreams, steal your attention, bring peace through upheaval and crisis. The next step is the simplest: let that love speak through you. Let it color your actions, your choices, your decisions so that inevitably, it begins to color your relationships, your friendships, your community. 

This is the beginning of true change. Because change doesn't happen without deep, abiding love — and it doesn't happen without right community and support.

Let those out alignment with your sacred vision fall away, and watch as you begin to attract those whose visions generate magical synergy with your own.

In this, for all of our sakes, I wish you focus, discernment, and swift and magnificent success.

I've written some about the other aspects active during the New Moon on Instagram, including details about the potent Venus-Saturn square. If you need help with this energy, the Moon Consults offer a super affordable path to clarity and action.