What if we turned Mercury retrograde into a conscious process? A new approach working to working with Mercury retrograde.


Don’t sign any contracts. Back-up your computer. Double-check your spelling. Double-check everything. Leave extra time for travel. Watch out for mechanical failures. Don’t commit to anything. And, for heaven’s sake, don’t even think about doing anything remotely important, complex, brand new or innovative.

No wonder everyone dreads the arrival of Mercury retrograde.

Maybe it's the Sagittarius in me, but you guys? 

There are enough things to fear in this world — and I'm feeling pretty close to done with being told to be afraid. To get smaller. To watch out. To protect myself.

It's time to find a new approach to working with Mercury retrograde.

Because in an increasingly loud and chaotic landscape, where and how we focus our attention is paramount.

Which is one reason why I think the old approach to Mercury retrograde — you know, the one that points fingers about the lost keys, bemoans the location-based weather app that can't even pick the right continent, and blames every late arrival, dropped call, and missed email on something or someone else — is falling out of alignment with our collective evolution.

It's time to engage with the raw materials of our lives with intentionality. With generosity. And from a space of empowerment and life-affirming presence.

I believe that when we focus on growth, on our own conscious evolution, we experience a magical way of being in the world. And, if we stay in that place of focus, the events in our lives speak to us — even the ones in which we're late for work or hit with an overdraft fee. 

I believe that when we focus on finding and creating meaning, on fostering awareness, the world entices us deeper into who we yearn to become:


So what if instead of bemoaning the inconvenience of Mercury retrograde, we simply permitted it to unfold and show us what it has to offer? What if we let down our defenses and allowed our lives, in all their messy inconsistencies, to happen — and, in the process, to teach us something? I guess what I'm trying to ask is this:

What if we turned Mercury retrograde into a conscious process?

Because I don't know about you, but I'm looking for ways out of my habitual patterns and postures of victimhood, not to construct new reasons to crawl back inside them. 

I'm looking for ways to use every available opportunity to take responsibility for my life and my experience of it — even when it throws me a curve-ball. Even when I don't like it. (Though seriously, universe, how many iPhones can one person break?)

I want to make conscious decisions based in personal integrity, intuition, and awareness — not fear. And I’d much rather be fully engaged, fully committed, fully in the flow of life and risk fucking the whole thing up than hang out on the sidelines for eternity waiting for just the right set of conditions.

I want my relationship to astrology, my relationship to the universe, to open me up to new possibilities, to layer on meaning and new ideas and textures by the fistful, not close me down and restrict my range of motion.

I believe in owning my experiences in all their complexity — and I want an astrology that's limber enough, that's big-hearted enough, to have room for that.

So here's my commitment to you: 

I promise never to tell you to be afraid. 

And I promise always to use cosmic technologies in ways that help point you toward your own liberation.

I think it's time to believe that, against all odds, something exciting always waits on the other side of honesty, integrity, and action — no matter what the transit.

It's time to have faith that the world has something to teach us  — even if that lesson is difficult.

It's time to stop waiting.


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